Saturday, January 12, 2008

The patient is still breathing...just

I know the impending death of the record shop has been blogged to death recently, but I feel I must share this with the readership.
No names, but you will know which chain I am talking about.
Visited my local emporium on Friday lunchtime, as is my wont - no shopping list, just the intention to break up the day and browse idly for a while.
To my delight however, the entire works of Creedence Clearwater Revival were piled up in the special offers - all at three quid a pop. Various other old favourites for the same price. Pretenders, Johnny Clarke...and the Albertos for a quid!
Suitably laden, I stood in the queue to pay, and listened to the assistant discussing the relative merits of early- and late-period Tom Waits. My turn to pay, and got into a chat about the reasons Mardi Gras was so poor compared to the earlier Creedence albums.
So sad, that what used to be the norm is now so unusual, but a joy to know that there are still people working in record shops with enthusiasm and genuine love for the 'product' they are selling - and that there are chains and stores still willing to employ them.
The sun is shining and all is well in the world.