Saturday, December 26, 2009

...and relax...

Today's soundtrack:  Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On

I think you all know that the last month or so has been absolutely manic - lots of stress, lots of driving, lots of everything.

Well today that stops - for a time, at least.  Boxing Day.  Christmas out of the way, nowhere to be, nowhere to go.  Time to nest, kick back and chill.  The house needs a scrub, as do the cars, and in a week's time the Staines Run starts again for a couple of weeks - but for now - the world can stop turning for a bit.  You know it makes sense.

Another lovely Christmas yesterday - lie in, Buck's Fizz with the presents, phone calls from the family and all's well in the Waring clan.  In the afternoon, across to our kid's house, for more presents, lots of food and some good family chat.  I'm blessed with a wonderful family, no tension or strife, just people happy and relaxed in each other's company.  Spent most of the day (when I wasn't eating - mushroom and chestnut soup, smoked salmon and crab salad, turkey with all the trimmings, christmas pudding, profiteroles, since you ask) helping my nephew and niece get their new iPod Touches set up on iTunes, downloading games and music.  Nice to be involved and - for once - looking like I knew what I was doing!

So, home to settle down for the evening, to flop in front of a double Prison Break with some vintage port and a plate of cheese and biscuits, before retiring for the night.

And now it's early morning, Mrs W still in bed, cat fed and out playing, just Marvin and me getting it on.  But not in that way, of course.

When you are looking to chill out, who better to soundtrack that than Mister Lover Man himself.  Let's Get It On is quite possibly the raunchiest album made - smooth as silk and sweet as molasses.

Here's the man on Soul Train - Distant Lover.  Relax with Marvin, he'll cure your ills.

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