Wednesday, October 03, 2007


...not my phrase, but one of Alun Parry's, a Liverpool singer/songwriter who sells his songs via his website for whatever customers want to pay - or whatever they think it's worth. A very noble and trusting concept, and one which I hope is not abused by too many punters. Visit Alun at for some excellent tunes

Well bugger me, but Radiohead have only gone and done exactly the same thing - their new album is now available at for anything from a notional 45p up to £99.99, depending on the depth of your pockets and the extent of your conscience. Me? Well, sad stamp collecting trainspotter that I am, I signed up for the forty quid box set, with the original download (that I could have had for nowt), a vinyl double album (that I'll never play) and a second CD with some extra tracks on (that no doubt will be up on a dozen blogs within half an hour of release).

Ordinarily, I would have very few qualms about downloading a blog copy - I have poured (and continue to pour) enough funds into the legitimate music industry to balance out the odd 'evaluation' download - but in this instance, I would gladly put my hand in my pocket to support the principle. Good on you chaps.

There'd better be guitars all over it though, that's all I'm saying.

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