Thursday, October 04, 2007

A thing of rare beauty

Ok, so it's got less memory than a forgetful goldfish, and it's nothing more than a crippled iPhone - but I happened to be in the Apple store yesterday and there are no two ways about is absolutely gorgeous.

Gorgeous in a 'I know there are a million reasons why I shouldn't buy this (and I won't) but I really, really want one, just to hold and look at and feel happy about' kind of way. Please, please let them find a way of cramming 160 gig into one of these things - and quickly!

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Pat Carty said...

it's a thing of beauty right enough but the Missus bought me a 160gb classic for my birthday yesterday and it's a joy to have the whole collection on it (only abut 20gb left already!).A problem is the bloody EU low maximum volume directive as the 60gb model I replaced was one I'd bought in New York, and was LOUD. I too long for a 160 model with bells and whistles but as sure as eggs is eggs it'll show up eventualy.