Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Likely Lads?

Have to say The Libertines completely passed me by at the time (stopped reading the NME a long time ago you see), only really became aware of them after the split, when "peteandkate" became this gross media monster - and so basically assumed the worst - talentless druggie makes reputation via the tabloids, not through the music.

But is that fair? The esteem with which The Libertines are held by many, many people of a certain age does make me think I must have missed something - are they truly the voice of 'their' generation, following in the footsteps of Cobain, Curtis, Strummer, Lennon, Dylan and Presley - or is it a triumph of substance(s) over form - and the lack of a better alternative? And what's Barat's role in all this - is his contribution is in danger of being completely overshadowed by the Doherty media circus?

I'm going to have a serious listen - is there something I've missed or has it all been done before, with more passion and belief and with better drugs? Find out here in a few days' time.


Pat Carty said...

The first album is a classic and the second one is well worth it too. I'm 36, is that the 'certain age' of which you speak?

Paul Waring said...

Over twice the 'certain age' Pat! This was sparked by a debate on my son's MySpace page - he thinks them overrated, some of his mates think they are saviours of rock, others think them smelly druggies. My view after a good old listen - some fantastic stuff and a fair bit of self indulgent filler. Think they came along at the right time (no competition) and with the right degree of narcotic loucheness to be seen by many as the saviours of rock - but put them next to The Clash, The Smiths or any other generation spokesgroup and, for me, they suffer by comparison. But then that might just be me being an old git!