Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 2: The Househusband

Today's soundtrack: The Clash - Sandinista

You know those jobs you always mean to get round to - but never do? Well, I started getting round to them.

Nice start to the day - up and out into town, to sit in Costa with a cappuccino and a chocolate twist playing iPhone games for half an hour, before going to the hairdressers for a 'light trim'. This is something I could easily get used to.

Hairdressers have moved on a long way since I used to sit on a plank of wood laid across the arms of the barber's chair, the plank necessary to get me to the right elevation for Archie Stubbs to administer his 'short back and sides'. Archie always used to perform some magic round the back of my head with a lit taper, to 'seal the ends' of my hair, I believe. Why don't they do that anymore?

Anyway, I digress. The modern hairdressing experience involves a willowy blonde, a shampoo followed by a head massage, fresh coffee in my own personal cafetiere, and (ahem) an eyebrow trim. I recommend the eyebrow trim to gentlemen of my vintage, lest you begin to resemble Denis Healy (or, indeed, Mark Ellen).

Took a call from a recruitment consultant - an ex-colleague had kindly passed my details on. Nothing doing at the moment, but at least it's one more person who knows I'm out there, looking...

Back home for pork pie, yet more coffee and bass practice. I can pick out the notes to the odd riff, but getting my fingers to go where I want them to is proving problematic. No mind, perseverance will pay off in time. He said, hopefully.

Then chores. I have known for a while that there have been foodstuffs lurking in our cupboards for quite a while now and a rationalisation of the stocks has been long overdue. The winner in the 'longest past the post' competition was the coffee whitener that passed its sell-by date in 2001, but it was not the only contender for most disgusting discovery on the shelves. Some instant coffee that had somehow turned into a solid indigo block probably took that prize.

On a roll, I then did a massive 'chuck-out' that has freed up plenty of space for us to hoard the next ten years' worth of junk.

All in all a very satisfying day. And still not turned the telly on before sundown.

Anyway - Sandinista. iTunes has thrown up the second half of the double CD set (sides 3-6 in old money) and after a sound start (Police On My Back through to Charlie Don't Surf) I'm now struggling with Mensforth Hill and Junkie Slip. There's a great double and fantastic single album lurking in Sandinista, but my God, there's some self-indulgent crap as well.

Stop press from Twitter: "Nevin: 'Fellaini is Best In World'". On closer inspection, Pat Nevin has stated that he believes Marouane Fellaini has the potential to be one of the best players in Europe....not quite the same thing....

So tomorrow - should be hearing from the Job Centre, 48 hours having passed since my on-line application. Best stay in for that. Few more cupboards to get through as well....

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