Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 5: Adam Clayton eat your heart out...

Today's soundtrack: U2 - October (Deluxe Edition)

Watched Hancock last night and the bottle of red remained untouched. Good man, Paul! Film was a load of old rubbish really, but entertaining old rubbish for all that. Without giving away the plot, there's a twist about halfway through that's just a touch contrived and takes what is already a barely believable premise into the outer realms of unbelievability. Even in the context of a film about a drunkard superhero with an attitude and a body odour problem. Will Smith actually manages to play it reasonably straight without the odd knowing glance to camera, and Charlize Theron is quite frankly excellent eye candy.

Up early and off to Tesco to fulfill my househusbandly responsibilities. Oh dear. Think it was half price for pensioners day today - don't they move slowly? And why do the ladies have to bring their husbands with them - they only get in the way? Forgive the grumpiness - victim of my own fuckwittery this morning - Mrs W specifically left the Tesco Clubcard to pay for the groceries so I could use the £7 off vouchers that expire on Sunday - the vouchers that I managed to leave next to the computer. That are even now looking accusingly at me as I type. Have to watch the pennies these days!

Still, all the ingredients bought for a nice prawn stirfry tonight despite the trauma. For those of a culinary disposition, this will involve fresh (uncooked) king prawns being stirfried along with some garlic, ginger, chilli, spring onions and pak choi, flavoured with some thai fish sauce and sweet chilli sauce, and served on a bed of noodles dressed in sesame oil and sprinkled with fresh coriander. I'd give you the recipe but I tend to make it up as I go along.

No phone calls today (apart from the job centre checking I'm actually planning on turning up tomorrow) but I made some progress with one of my job applications, tailoring my cv and preparing a very detailed covering letter to meet their specific requirements. Also completed the claim for unemployment insurance, incorporating some elements completed by my ex-employer. Interesting to note that they believe the date I was informed of my redundancy was the 4th December - the date the consultation started, rather than 11 March, the day the consultation process effectively finished... What was the consultation process intended to achieve, then?

Aaaanyway.....the bass guitar. Decided that the way forward was to look up some bass lines for one or two popular tunes and was pleased to discover that this is a good way of convincing yourself that you are making progress. It helps if you choose the bass line for Ramones songs of course...and it has to be said that the learning curve for the U2 repertiore is not the steepest. Within You Without You knocked off in about ten minutes. Which all goes to prove that Adam Clayton (for it is he who plays the bass for the '2) is possibly the luckiest man alive.

I've always had a bit of a soft spot for U2. I know Bono tends to get on a lot of people's tits with his holier than thou attitude and his pontificating on the use to which our taxes should be put, whilst keeping his own tax bill as low as possible, but musically - when they are good, they are very, very good indeed.

And this is the perfect opportunity for me to regale you with my favourite (albeit possibly apocryphal) Bono anecdote. Stop me if you've heard it before....

Bono's doing his starving kids in Africa bit. Onstage, silence - apart from the slow click of Bono's fingers. "Every time I click my fingers, a child in Africa dies," he says.

"Well stop fucking clicking, then" comes a shout from the crowd.

I'm here all week, tombola up next, you've been a lovely audience etc.

So off to the dole office tomorrow, then back for Everton-Portsmouth on the telly. Or on the snide Asian channel if it's on Setanta.

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