Sunday, October 07, 2012

Glastonbury fail?

Today's soundtrack:  Queen - Greatest Hits II

Well, it had to happen eventually.  This year, my luck finally ran out, and for the first time in six attempts, I missed out on a Glastonbury ticket for next year.  150,000 plus tickets, sold out in an hour and forty minutes.  But not sold to me.

I got so close as well.  On four or five occasions, I got through to the screen for inputting my registration details - and once to the 'Confirm' screen to pay my fifty quid deposit.  But each and every time, the damn thing crashed and chucked me out!  Aaaargh!

This is not supposed to happen.  The last time I recall it being this difficult was also the year after a 'fallow' year - I'm sure that's had an impact on demand.  As have, I would expect, the rumours of The Smiths reforming for Glastonbury - or The Rolling Stones playing.  Inevitably there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth on the festival fora, with See Tickets getting it in the neck again - but to be honest, any system capable of selling that many tickets in that short a time must be, by definition, a pretty good system.

So unless I can finagle a ticket by other means, or in the April resale - I'll be watching Glastonbury from the comfort of my living room next year.  Still, you never know...

Up early today to watch the grand prix.  Although when I say 'up', that's not strictly true.  Propped up, more like, watching on my iPad via the miracle of Sky Go.  Not the most exciting of races, with Vettel having the thing sewn up from the off, and the first lap incidents that saw Alonso out and Webber running from the back eradicated the best chances of a challenge.

Tried to blow away the frustrations of the ticket sale by taking the dog up to the forest.  Because it was a later start than normal, and because it was such a lovely morning, there were a lot of people - and their dogs - out and about.  Happily Archie seems to be learning that - especially when off the lead - none of these dogs are a threat or a potential 'target', and he was happy to run and play with the dogs rather than barking angrily.  And obviously he was equally happy to sniff all their arses as well.

Home made pizza for tea tonight - breadmaker will shortly be called into action to make the bases.  Home made pizza is such a joy, shop-bought is always a bit disappointing now.  I tend away from the traditional when making my own.  If I knew the Italian for 'kitchen sink' that would just about cover it.  Mozzarella and passata will be involved, as will chorizo and pepperoni.  Red onion, sweetcorn and chillies.  Sadly not mushrooms this time though as there are none in the house.  I'm sure we'll cope though.

Last night we had Bob's ropa vieja - see post earlier this week.  Very nice indeed, although not as spicy as I was expecting.  Perhaps a bit less chilli de-seeding next time... We watched 'Final Desination 5' as well, which was as enjoyably crap as all the others.  Identical plotline, different set of kids, equally inventive ways for them all to die.  What else would you want on a Saturday night?

A bit of Queen on the soundtrack today.  There are those who would tell you that Queen are overblown, pompous, ridiculous.  And they would be right.  But that is exactly what is so good about them.

Greatest Hits is the best way to enjoy Queen - at heart they are just another great singles band.  They made some cracking videos too...

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