Friday, October 09, 2009

Day 208: Not Nineteen Forever

Today's soundtrack: Little Man Tate - Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy (with a side order of Courteeners)

So - The Boy turned twenty today. That's a bit of a worry that is. On two counts - firstly, I can't conceive of my No 2 Son being anything other than a teenager...and secondly, I can't conceive of myself being someone with two sons who are both in their twenties.

I can remember when I turned twenty - like it was almost yesterday. Living in Sheffield in a student house very similar to the one Matt lives in (albeit with no girls living in the house - that would just not have occurred to us!). Me, Alan, Steve, Big Paul and Little Paul. I recall vast quantities of drink being consumed, and some jape involving an alarm clock under my bed taped inside a biscuit tin - and bag of flour positioned over the bedroom door. None of that seemed to bother me too much - and the depth of my drunken stupor rendered the alarm clock jape pointless anyway!

I do remember we played The Undertones' 'Teenage Kicks' more than once - no more Teenage Kicks for Paul, you see - but I don't remember turning twenty having any discernible impact on my life in any way - I didn't suddenly grow up or put away childish things.

In fact, I still haven't.

But we are Not Nineteen Forever, as the Courteeners never fail to remind us. Here you are Matt - just for you. We were in the middle of that lot somewhere...and I expect you to still be in the middle of the equivalent crush in thirty years' time! I know I will be...

Drove over to Huddersfield today to give The Boy (can I still call him that?) his birthday presents and to run him over to Leeds to pick up a parcel from the City Link depot there. The plan was to fit in a pint or two as well, but a big holdup on the M62 put the mockers on that, and we just about got back in time for his radio show (Good Tunes For People Who Love Bad Tunes - got it right this time) on student radio, after which he was out on the splodge with his mates.

What a life eh?

Earlier in the day, I'd got the call I wanted from the recruitment agency - I've blown yesterday's candidate out of the water and am still their 'preferred candidate' - but they are seeing one other - Friday or Monday - before moving to the next stage, involving meeting senior management and the Audit Committee. So still in there fighting.

And getting quite tense too - there's a John Cleese quote from 'Clockwise' that fits exactly how I feel at the moment...

"It's not the despair... I can take the despair. It's the hope I can't stand."

Little Man Tate playing away in the background. LMT are/were a Sheffield band who came through at the same time as the Arctic Monkeys, Milburn and Reverend and the Makers. A great little band - The Boy introduced me to them and we saw them in Liverpool a couple of years ago. After a few years of middling success, at best, they have decided to call it a day and move onto other things. Matt went to one of their farewell gigs last week - his review is here. A shame they are splitting up, they had a way with a lyric and a tune that is in short supply these days, all laced with a sly humour.

Nothing Worth their second (and final) album, and very good it is too, easily the measure of their first album, About What You Know. Both well worth seeking out.

This is 'Hey Little Sweetie' from 'Nothing Worth Having...' Naughty little girl!

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