Saturday, September 05, 2009

Day 174: Don't Call Me Shirley!

Today's soundtrack: Joe Walsh - The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get

Supermarket Sweep this morning, picking up all the bits and pieces needed to get us through the weekend, before Mrs W's return to work. Nothing too fancy required, we're on Mexican tonight, with a big fat lasagne planned for Saturday. No supermarket meat though, it was off to Coward's in Frodsham for some decent mince for both tonight's chilli and the lasagne. Good lean mince, reduced rate for buying five pounds, all bagged up in individual pound bags (oh yes, good old imperial measurements as well!) - and oh, a couple of their pork pies fell into my bag as well!

Quiet on the job front - I checked on progress following last week's interview with the recruitment consultant...nothing to worry about - internal machinations taking place so it will be next week before we hear what the plans might be for second interviews - so watch this space!

So yes, a bit of a Mexican feast tonight, chilli served in taco shells alongside a big bowl of Nachos. Nachos involved the best part of a big bag of tortilla chips, layered with some of the chilli, grated cheese, sliced red and green chillies and topped with salsa, guacamole and sour cream. Oh yes indeed. Messy as hell, but so tasty!

Settled down to watch a crappy Saturday film, but tonight's film was too crappy, even for us! So we gave up after an enforced break for me to rescue another vole/shrew (successfully!) that Pedro managed to bring in and take upstairs into the bedroom. A quick flick through the Sky schedules, and we ended up watching Airplane! for the nth time, laughing at all the jokes we'd laughed at hundreds of time before, and being annoyed by the camp air traffic controller yet again - the one character that really jars with the flow of the rest of the film.

Stayed up late to welcome back our holidaymaking friends, who were flying into Manchester this evening. Intensely jealous of them, all tanned and happy, but our turn will come...oh, and there was a bottle of Ouzo in it for Paul as well!

Now I like Ouzo, but there have been occasions in the past where I've liked it just a little too much, if you get my meaning. So moderation will have to be my watchword this time I feel...

A real blast from the past on the soundtrack today! '...Smoker...' dates from 1973, not long after Joe Walsh went solo from The James Gang, but well before he joined The Eagles. It's dated a fair bit, but 'Rocky Mountain Way' is still a hell of a good rock track, especially if you can get past the talk box bit in the middle. Rifftastic stuff!

I like Joe Walsh. Even when he became an Eagle, he seemed to retain both a self-awareness about the ridiculousness of it all and a strong sense of humour, while the other Eagles became more and more po-faced and aloof from the masses. Plus he's a hell of a guitarist!

Here's Rocky Mountain Way performed with The Eagles a few years later, in 1977, in Houston, I should think, from the changed vocals....

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