Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 193: No Fish Today

Today's soundtrack: Anton Kuerti - Moonlight Sonata/Hammerklavier Sonata

Actually, that's not true - we did have fish today - but not the fish we intended to have.

Left with some spare smoked salmon following our Sunday brunch, I was all prepared to whip up a creamy pasta dish with smoked salmon, asparagus, mushrooms, cream and fresh parsley, with a hint of lemon zest, when Mrs W got in touch to tell me she was a bit under the weather and not up for a 'rich' tea.

She required comfort food.

Which meant a quick run to the chippy in Frodsham, for a chippy tea. So our fish was battered, rather than smoked. And in my case buried under a mountain of chips coated in a spicy concoction described as 'curry sauce'.

Hardy fine dining, but it tasted pretty fine to me!

So pasta postponed, not cancelled - recipe to come later this week.

Spent an engrossing morning on, getting quotes for house insurance. Our current insurers had re-quoted at a ridiculous level for next year, and had chosen to charge me something called a 'pre-renewal charge' this month, without telling us, so far as I can tell. So for this unacceptable level of cheekiness and brassneck, they have been canned. Irrespective of the quotes received - just on principle! As it turned out, there are a range of insurers out there who are falling over themselves to quote us at significantly lower levels, so we win anyway.

Afternoon, and the postman decides to deliver all the post he's been storing up for the last few days, including a DVD of Magazine performing in Manchester earlier this year. Sadly, not the night we attended, but the setlist is the same and the band look just as cool as they did the night we saw them.

Would have been nice to spot me and The Boy in the audience though, jammed up against the barriers as we were.

Frustratingly, Everton's Carling (Milk? Littlewoods? League?) Cup game against Hull was not being televised anywhere in the world so far as I could tell, so I was reduced to reading the Sky Sports app on my phone while watching Masterchef on the telly (and filling my face with curry and chips). The corner continues to be turned, as the Blues put another four goals past the Hapless Humbersiders...that's eleven goals without reply in the last three games now - is that the corner turned?

A very cultural soundtrack today - Beethoven's version of the Shangri-La's 'Past, Present and Future'. Anton Kuerti (who he?) on pianoforte, and very good it is too.

But you don't want deaf composers - you want girl groups with big hair! And that's what you shall have. You shall also have one of the most moving, and creepiest, 'pop' tunes ever recorded. What - exactly - happened in the past? I think we can guess, and it wasn't nice.

Don't try to touch me. Don't - try to touch me. Because that will never - happen - again.

Shall we dance?

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