Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 191: We're Swabbin'

Today's soundtrack: Various Artists - Tougher Than Tough: The Story of Jamaican Music

Back on the housework today, I've been letting things slide a bit, and that bathroom isn't going to tile itself!

So I spent half the morning attacking the 'rescued' tiles with a chisel, to remove all the old grout and adhesive. Still got a fair few to do, but I'm getting there - very slowly indeed! Managed to get through to lunchtime with a box of around fifteen tiles, and surprisingly with the same number of fingers and thumbs that I started with.

Chisels and Paul are generally a bad combination.

Not wishing to ride my luck any further, I put all the tiling stuff away after lunch and got on with the second day's major chore - cleaning the kitchen, most importantly the floor, which - due to a combination of Pedro waltzing in and out without wiping his paws and Mrs W doing much the same - was getting a bit skanky.

Now normally the floor just gets a quick flick that redistributes, rather than removes, all the muck - but this time I thought I'd do a half decent job. So all the furniture was shifted, worktops hosed down, floor Dysoned twice - firstly using just the Dyson, then going into all the nooks and crannies with the hose - before getting the floor detergent, mop and bucket out. I've been using this new stuff that you pour directly onto the floor rather than diluting in the bucket, but still ended up swabbing the whole floor with hot water as well.

It's a bigger job than you'd think, when its done properly, but at least the floor was sparkling - for about ten minutes, before Pedro recommenced his ins and outs and the night's cooking. I'm a good cook, but a sloppy one!

A quiet day apart from that - I pottered around t'internet for a while, caught up on the various blogs and the like that I contribute to, and decided my life needed a bit more Joni in it, following yesterday's blog. Got a few recommendations, and Amazon is doing the rest!

Today's soundtrack is hugely welcome - everyone should have some reggae in their lives, and Tougher Than Tough is probably the best one-stop reggae collection out there. A four-CD box set, it is light on Marley, but covers all other bases reasonably well. Add to this a good sprinkling of Bob Marley, the soundtrack to 'The Harder They Come' and some Dub compilations from Lee Perry and King Tubby, and you've pretty well all the reggae anyone could need.

I love this one - Young, Gifted and Black by Bob & Marcia. Your soul's intact!

And this - Two Sevens Clash by Culture. It dread!

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