Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 184: Tyres are Knackered, Knackers are tired...

Today's soundtrack: Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby

So, any chance of a quiet day today? Well, yes and no. I had a few things to see to that would keep me out of the house today, but I had no Exploding Plastic Inevitable in the kitchen to deal with today, and The Hunter spent most of the day in sleeping, rather than hunting, mode.

Even genocidal killers need their beauty sleep.

So it was out early, to pick up a birthday present for my nephew and birthday cards for him and for Son No 1. Their birthdays are a day apart, a source of great consternation to my Son just before Nephew was born, as he did not want to share his birthday with anyone! Luckily fate intervened and their birthdays are a day apart. Which also makes them easy to remember.

Birthday stuff sorted, a quick dive into M&S to give Mrs W a few options for tonight's tea, and after a very quick (and free) turn around HMV, it was off to Rock Ferry to sort out a couple of tyres for the car. I've been putting this off for way too long, to the extent that I'm pretty well driving round on 'slicks' at the moment, which is highly naughty and getting more unsafe by the day. Finally grasped the nettle and, eschewing the big tyre chains, took the car to Bathers, an independent (and cheap) tyre company that's been in business (although God only knows how) since I was a small boy, and probably for many years prior to that as well. They had to order them in, but they'll be waiting for me tomorrow at eleven.

Called in on the ageing parents since I was in their neck of the woods, but they were out...what's that all about? Turns out they were in my neck of the woods, over in Warrington - but hey ho. I'll call in tomorrow when I pick the tyres up.

So back homewards, but not before stopping off at the pet store to pick up some flea stuff. The animal kingdom is taking its revenge on Pedro by infesting him with a bunch of tiny critters dedicated to eating him. Fine, but not when the same critters think they can take chunks out of Mrs W and me as well!

So - Frontline for the cat, spray for the furniture and upholstery and - when the Frontline has worn off - a flea collar (plus bell!) for the beast. Maybe the merry tinkle of the bell will alert the frankly sluggish local wildlife that they ought to get their skates on if they don't want me chasing them round the bedroom with a Tupperware box...

A welcome spot of Lou Reed to listen to today. Coney Island Baby was released in 1976, and showcases Lou in relatively mellow mood, in stark contrast to the album that precedes it, 'Metal Machine Music', a contractual obligation album consisting of an hour of feedback and white noise. Coney Island Baby is a far more listenable piece of work, although some might find it a bit lightweight compared to the likes of Transformer, Berlin and Street Hassle. And they'd be right, but there are a few gems buried in the album, not least the title track.

Here's a stunning live version of Coney Island Baby, probably from the mid '80s. Lou's tinkered a bit - a lot more about the 'glory of love' than 'playing football for the coach' but some lovely guitar work towards the end.

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