Friday, August 07, 2009

Day 144: To the 'hood in Hudd!

Today's soundtrack: Various Artists - The All Time Greatest Movie Songs

Off to Huddersfield today, to drop off some stuff for Son No 2, in advance of his trip back down south. As I mentioned the other day, he's found himself a ticket to Reading Festival, which he is well pleased about. I had a quick look at the website and felt a slight twinge, but I suspect Reading will be a bit lairy for a man of my advanced years. Anyway, I am SO grounded at present!

Nice relaxing drive over the Pennines, sun shining and all relatively fine in the world. I picked up Son No 2 at the student house (which still looks in pretty good order) then we drove into town, via the snooker club, where he dropped off his CV in respect of a bar job that had been advertised there. We then headed into the town centre for a spot of lunch, which had us pitch up at what was obviously a Weatherspoon's, although it was not advertised as such outside! No matter, a couple of pints and a chicken burger-type thingy slipped down nice and easy!

We then had a bit of a browse in the main shopping centre, inevitably ending up at HMV, which disappointingly seems to have turned into a DVD store with a few CDs lurking down one side. Temptation thus averted, I dropped The Boy back at home then headed back to Cheshire.

And despite my tasty and filling lunch, looking forward to my tea!

In the knowledge that I'd be 'dining out' at lunchtime, Mrs W had suggested light bites for tea tonight and had raised the idea of a steak and onion baguette each. Excellent idea, but gave me the idea to push the boundaries a little.

One of the staple festival repasts is the 'Aussie Steak Combo'. Simon, Matt, you know what I'm talking about here.

The Aussie Steak Combo comprises the following:

Freshly baked baguette.
Fried onions.
And as much ketchup/mustard as you can squeeze on top.

Top scran indeed!

So that's what we had. And very nice it was too, although the baguettes that Mrs W pitched up with were too big, even for us. Suitably downsized, they just about had the capacity for the various ingredients listed above. The only change I made to the standard festival approach was to stick the things under the grill to melt the cheese - definitely an improvement our festival caterers should consider.

Not really the healthiest days' intake of food - I suspect my 'five a day' quota was missed by some distance - but my, it all hit the spot!

Today's soundtrack is definitely from Mrs W's collection, but it's still worthy of a listen from time to time. It does what it says on the tin - collects together a raft of songs over two CDs that are lifted from various movie soundtracks. Some better than others, obviously, but still some gems in there. Yes, there's some Boyzone and Celine for the ladies, but there's also stuff by The Doobie Brothers, Van Morrison, Al Green and Edwyn Collins as well.

This song is on the CD in its Boy George incarnation, but here's the actual film version. Great film, with a fairly well-known twist that I'm not going to give away here. Great song as well.

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Simon said...

Aussie Steak Combo .... I am feeling hungry just with the memory! Top food!