Thursday, July 02, 2009

Day 106: Glastonbury Monday

Today's highlight: Beating the queue!

Woke up early to hear the sound of rain beating down on the tent. Instantly panic set in, remembering the quagmire in the car parks two years ago. So up and packed as soon as possible. Got The Boy galvanised, and the two of us were ready to go before seven. And a good job too, as we got to the car park to see a line of immobile traffic already leading towards the main gate. Luckily I'd spotted a kind of 'inside track' on the walk back to the car, that might allow us to cut a corner or two.

And so it proved - we managed to drive quickly parallel to the main queue, then nip in at the head of the queue without offending anyone or making it too obvious just what we were doing. And luckily, the rain, although torrential had not (yet) destroyed the car park.

So on the main road well before nine, with just the local traffic and a detour to Huddersfield to negotiate. A pretty uneventful (albeit inevitably slow in places) trip saw me home by about three. Ready for the three 'S's' that were desperately needed on my return (shit, shower and shave, if you must).

That's another Glastonbury down, and another good one. Some great moments (Gaslight Anthem, Neil Young, Dead Weather) some good (Bruce, Roger McGuinn, EODM and the Tap) and very few that were not so good. I could have paced myself better, I should have got away from the Pyramid more than I did, but there's always next year for that.

The weather was extreme - either extremely hot, or extremely wet - and we still did not get a mud-free festival, but it was good enough. The company was - as always - excellent and there was little general lairiness from the rest of the festivalgoers. The cider and the food (when I got round to eating!) was as good as it always was.

Thanks to everyone who made it what it was - to Jo, Oz, Rhys, Billy, Tim, Hannah, Rose, Nell and Craig for their company, to Trefor, Sarah and Gareth for their friendship....and, of course, to Matt for refusing to be embarrassed by his dad and for persuading his great friends to put up with the old feller yet again.

And finally to Mrs W for continually indulging her old man's refusal to grow up gracefully!

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