Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 30: Happy Families!

Today's soundtrack: The Ramones - Hey! Ho! Let's Go! The Anthology

Mrs W back at work today, so just me and the boys around, with a spot of family visiting to do. But first, to Tesco, to stock up on all the necessary to ensure everyone is satisfactorily fed and watered for the next few days.

[rant mode on]

Since I've been 'spending more time with my family', Ive tended to take on the responsibility for getting the weekly shop sorted. Now being an efficient sort of chap, I like to get the shop done early, before the crowds build up and when the shelves are fully stocked. Which has led to me doing the shop normally around 8 - 8:30 in the morning. Which is fine so far as it goes - certainly getting up and down the aisles. However it all falls to pieces at the checkout stage. Tesco, in their wisdom, don't put any cashiers on the tills until after 9:00 so up until that time you are reliant on the self-service tills. Which, again, is fine if you're just picking up a few items on the way in to work but which is, frankly, a bit crap if you're doing Big Shop and have a trolley full. It is made even more crap if you are buying any booze (which we invariably are) as you need an assistant to confirm you are old and sensible enough to buy the stuff. Also, if you are on your own, there is a need to do stuff in stages - scan, load, scan, load - as otherwise the belt gets backed up. All very unsatisfactory and I'm not the only one to notice as there were a few people discussing the whys and wherefores this morning.

I feel an email to Mr Tesco is in order. And a change of allegiance until I receive satisfaction!

[exit rant mode]

Having got the shop out of the way, I took the boys off to see their grandparents. And with it being half term, they got to see their two young cousins as well. Oh, and Alfie, the dog. Probably because they don't get to see them that often, my nephew and niece are really keen and happy to see the boys and they all get on really well together. Nephew and Son No 2 out in the garden playing football, while niece discusses her options for university with Son No 1. Which is pretty precocious for a nine year old!

Doting grandparents put on a massive and varied spread, including various types of pie and pizza as well as sandwiches, crisps, dips and cakes. And fizzy pop. All in all, enough e-numbers to send all the kids hyper for an hour or two! A game of Triominos calmed the massive down and we headed back home mid-afternoon to kick off the evening's entertainment.

Mexican food tonight - combination of tacos and enchiladas, followed by a selection of Ben & Jerry's finest (Phish Food and Baked Alaska - to die for). Quantum of Solace on the box - lots of fights, chases and explosions just bout making up for the lack of any coherence in the plotline. But what the hell, it's Bond, isn't it?

The Ramones on the soundtrack today - a band that never fail to bring a smile to my face. In a complete reversal of the Spinal Tap scenario, it's only Ramone drummers who are alive today - disease and self-abuse having seen off Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee. Still, we have the records. Deceptively simple three chord thrashes, they produced amphetamine-driven anthems to teen life and love - the Beach Boys transplanted from 1965 California to 1977 Queens, high on speed and glue. But beneath the thrash, a keen ear for a tune and a melody that is unmatched. It's hard work making something so simple. Oh, and it's easy to play along to on the bass, as well!

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