Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 31: Brad Pitt and Fancy Dress

Today's soundtrack: Dexys Midnight Runners - Too-Rye-Ay

Down to one son today, as Son No 2 was driving up to Preston to spend the day with his girlfriend... given the choice between spending some time with his old Dad, and a day with his girlfriend, he chose the latter. No idea why. The visit also ran to a meal out with his girlfriend's parents, and an overnight stop as well. Sleeping on the couch no doubt.

Waved him off into the maw of a thunderstorm, his ears ringing with all sorts of warnings about taking it easy on the M6 in the rain...but with his customary aplomb, he breezed up there in about 50 minutes ('piece of piss', was his considered opinion).

So it was left to myself and Son No 1 to fill the day, which we did by taking a trip into Manchester once the rain had eased up. Son No 1 was looking for some black garb to wear - he's going to a fancy dress party back at University shortly and wanted to go as a 'ninja' so we were on the lookout for cheap black gear.

So where else to go but Primark? A new experience for me, but if the job market remains tight, then you never know, it may become my label of choice - 'Primani', don't you know! As it was, I picked up a long sleeved t-shirt for £4, and Son No 1 got kitted out head to toe for about £7, I think. We failed to pick up any ninja weapons, but I'm sure if I'd asked any of the shop's customers, they might have seen us right.

I'm joking, of course.

Had a bit of a trawl around the Arndale next, and I picked up a couple of cheap computer games - an 'old school' adventure game, and one of those on-line wizards and goblins roleplaying game type things. Thought I'd just investigate, another way of filling the days at the moment. Not totally convinced it's 'me', but you've got to try these things out.

Back home, for tea and a film. Having done more than enough cooking over the last couple of days, we copped out and ordered Dominos, and settled down to watch 'Burn After Reading', which I heartily recommend to you. A Coen Brothers film, one of their 'black comedies' starring Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Frances McDormand amongst others.

I do enjoy the work of the Coen Brothers - The Big Lebowski is certainly one of my top 5 films of all time and, while Burn After Reading is not in that class, it has its moments and they do manage to get their actors (who tend to reappear in their films) to stretch themselves and act against type. Brad Pitt in particular (who I actually think is a far better actor than he's given credit for) plays the airhead gym assistant to perfection and John Malkovich is pure shouty genius.

I am slightly disconcerted by the fact that the Frances McDormand character is the spitting image of someone I used to work with

Here's a trailer, enhanced wonderfully by 'Grounds for Divorce' by Elbow playing in the background (which, funnily enough, I don't recall anywhere in the film...) Note that some of the shouty language might not be particularly safe for work...

Today's soundtrack - the always wonderful Dexys (not Dexy's, note) Midnight Runners. I'm actually listening to the second disc of the 'deluxe' set, which includes a live concert recorded around the time of the Too-Rye-Ay album. I actually saw them on that tour, performing at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London. A concert that was filmed and released on video as 'The Bridge' and for all I know is available on DVD somewhere. I bought the video when it came out, and searched the audience shots in vain to see if I could spot myself - but I was there.

I think the following clip is an extract from that video - so have a look and see if you can spot me. Happy Days.

Watching that reminds me of the time I went to a fancy dress party dressed a la Dexys, in beret, dungarees and pumps. There is photographic evidence somewhere...


Modest Matt said...

i wish i knew if having 'customary aplomb' is a good thing, because i seem to have a lot of it!! :)

Paul Waring said...

Haha - have I used that before?

Aplomb = 'self-confident assurance, poise'

Customary = 'usual'

Of course I could have said 'Cockiness'....


Simon said...

I think that the photographic evidence of you dressed a la Dexys, in beret, dungarees and pumps should be posted for all to enjoy!

However a group shot of me and my mates at a party in full Miami Vice style gear from the mid 80s (shiny light blue jacket and trousers with sleeves rolled up on the jacket, t-shirt,white belt and light grey shoes) will never leave the D family vault!!!

Paul Waring said...

Simon I did look, I promise you - but couldn't find it...if I do come across it I shall post it although I warn you - I believe underarm hair is visible.

If the boys are reading - it might be down in Somerset somewhere...?

Modest Matt said...

i dont think it is. we had a massive clear out the other day, which is when we found that suitcase, and there was no sign of any embarrasing photos of you! sorry.

Modest Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Waring said...

Thanks Matt - I think it might be stored away here somewhere - will try and look it out!

(Whilst there might not have been that particular embarrassing picture, I'm sure there are quite a few more lurking around - probably involving Big Glasses!!)