Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 33: Bring on the weekend!

Today's soundtrack: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant - San Jose 1995

Well, with the boys back down south, it was back into the same old routine that I seem to have established since day one of this journey. Out shopping for groceries first thing - this time to the M&S food outlet at Cheshire Oaks for ready meals (look, even a budding chef needs a break from the kitchen sometimes!) although I did pick up a range of seeds to spice up the breadmaking still further. I also picked up a couple of picture frames, as I've been promising Mrs W that I would sort out some pictures of Katy for her - printing and editing job for next week!

Took a call from a recruitment agency on the way out, my details have been submitted for a role in the North-West that a couple of people have mentioned to me, so we'll see where that goes. Still very slim pickings out there - there may be a need to cast the net wider than we have done so far. But we'll see.

Also carried out a bit of IIA business this afternoon. Having left my job, I feel pretty disengaged from the whole Institute process at the moment, so looking to take a bit of a back seat while I get my head (and my career!) together. But still, I don't want to let anyone down, so spent some time bringing colleagues on the Committee up to speed with my plans for a particular event.

Other than that, I squandered the afternoon somewhat, trawling a few regular websites and catching up with the blog, although I did bake yet another loaf of bread - this a 'French' loaf, taking a remarkable six hours to bake from mix to table. Since buying the breadmaker, we've not bought a single loaf of bread - and the house smells absolutely gorgeous most of the time as well!

We then spent the evening watching one of the most preposterous films ever in slack-jawed amazement. The film is called 'Impulse' and the premise is basically as follows (don't worry about spoilers - you won't be renting this one anytime soon):

Pretty young wife married to older man. Sex-life non-existent. Whilst working away from home, wife sees husband in hotel bar. Believing this is an attempt to 'spice things up', she drags husband to hotel room for night of steamy passion. Repeat in another hotel room in another city. However (and here's the twist) this man is not her husband! He is a complete stranger, who happens to bear a startling resemblance to her husband, who has been sat at home the whole time, blissfully unaware of the shenanigans his wife has been getting up to.

It gets better though. Not only is our mystery man the double of the hapless husband, he is also a crazed psychopath!! So when pretty wife eventually finds out the truth and tries to drop the stranger, he follows her home and contrives an introduction to the husband, who he then abducts and - wait for it - swaps identity with. The husband gets committed to the actual psychiatric institution he works in, whilst the stranger replaces him both at work and in the marital bed. And still no-one notices, until one of the hospital warders eventually twigs and lets the husband out for the final showdown. Finally, pretty wife realises what is going on (stranger had plain rather than prescription lenses inserted into the replica spectacles he'd had made!) and husband and pretty wife are eventually reunited.

Bergman it ain't, and it didn't trouble the Oscars. However a bit of research reveals that pretty wife did win '13th best nude scene of 2008' for her troubles. That bit was pretty good, I must admit.

Soundtrack today is a bootleg of a live show in San Jose from May 1995. Very high quality recording, I think from a radio show, boasting a lot of Zeppelin material (including a remarkable sixteen minute version of 'Kashmir') and quite bizarrely, a version of The Cure's 'Lullaby' (prompted, I think, by the presence of Porl Thompson, once of The Cure, in the touring band). It's easily searchable on t'internet, sometimes called 'Second Flight' or 'Simple Truth'. Definitely worth looking out for.

And here are the boys performing 'Ramble On' later on in the same tour...

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